Save the Nation’s Sight Clinic

Save the Nation's Sight Clinic

Dr. Baah is doing just what he says: Saving the Nation’s Sight.

Recently the seniors at the Alpha & Omega Seniors Daycare project in Konkonuru had that wonderful gift from God freely renewed…Their sight.

Save the Nation's Sight
Alpha & Omega Seniors Daycare serves those 65 and over so this was really appreci-loved.

Sight is so critical as we grow older and in their case they are often alone at home and have to get around as best they can.

Save the Nation's SiteIt was very simple as he brought his team with him and we set up in one of the rooms inside. Here we see Fyah, the elder Rastafari who came to Konkonuru with Sister Rita, benefitting also.

Dr Baah’s clinic Save the Nation’s Sight is situated in East Legon near Madina 0244014656 and also does eye surgeries at a really minimal cost as demanded.

His visit was totally free to all. We thank You Dr. Baah from all the seniors, the Rita Marley Foundation and Sister Rita herself.