Africa Unite Youth Symposium

One Good Thing About Music When It Hits You, You Feel No Pain-
Africa Unite Youth Symposium 2014
An annual celebration of Hon. Bob Marley’s Earth-strong


Dignitaries, presenters, Institute of Caribbean Studies, principal, staff and students of the University of the West Indies; participants, welcome to the 10th annual Africa Unite Youth Symposium.

Our goal is to bring the Honorable Bob Marley’s mission and message for African Unity to reality. The youth is the most effective tool to achieve that mission. Bob Marley was proud of his black heritage. It was not just a rhetorical statement. He lived it and proved it by his actions and in almost every song he sang.

He says “One good thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Today, however, the music industry has a lot of painful, negative music. Songs that incite criminal activity and violence. Painful music that is detrimental to the black race. Encouraging dark skinned black people to bleach instead of embracing their beautiful black complexion.

Listen to songs with “positive vibrations.” Music that will help “emancipate yourself from mental slavery.” So our great race of black people could live in “One Love.”

I encourage you to use the knowledge shared by the presenters as tools to assist with achieving positive goals for yourself and our people.

I am now in Ghana, West Africa, where I received my honored citizenship working on projects to improve the lives of the poor and needy. If I can, you can. Blessed love. See you soon.”

Jah Bless & One Love,
Nana Afua Adobea 1, Mrs. Rita Marley