Organic Farming

From Loop Jamaica:

The Rita Marley Foundation (JA) conducted an intense Organic Farming Training Programme for high school and kindergarten students recently.

Rosemary Duncan, manager at the Rita Marley Foundation(JA), said the Foundation embarked on the programme to help youths value the importance of organic agriculture and its tremendous benefits to humankind.

The organization brought US-based agricultural consultant, Steven Herbert, to train 105 students at the Bustamante High School in Clarendon. Theoretical and practical sessions were convened three times daily, with 35 students per class.

“Participants were taught the characteristics and practices of organic farming. As opposed to conventional farming which relies heavily on chemicals for fertilization, pest and weed control, organic farming works in unison with nature,” a press release by the Foundation said. “Chemical treatments are replaced with natural methods. Emphasis is on building soil, boosting its organic content and thus encouraging proliferation of soil biology.”

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