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Blessed Emancipation Day!



“August 1, 1834 marked a special day for Africans in British colonies as it was the day they received freedom from slavery. In Jamaica, the Emancipation Declaration was read from the steps of the Old Kings House in Spanish Town, St Catherine, the country’s capital at the time.

The bill for the abolition of slavery in the British colonies received the royal assent on August 28,1838. It stated:

Be it enacted, that all and every one of the persons who on the first day of August one thousand eight hundred and thirty four, shall be holden in slavery within such British colony as aforesaid, shall, upon and from and after the said first day of August, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four, become and be to all intents and purposes free and discharged from all manner of slavery, and shall be absolutely and forever manumitted.

rm_emanThe passage of this bill in the British Parliament in England enabled approximately 311,000 enslaved Africans in Jamaica and hundreds of thousands more across the colonies the freedom for which many of their predecessors had fought and died. However, the Africans did not receive full freedom until four years later, as all slaves over six years old were subjected to a mandatory six-year period of apprenticeship. The ex-slaves would work – without pay – for their former masters for three-quarters of the week (40 hours), in exchange for lodging, food, clothing. medical attendance and grounds on which they could grow their own provisions. They could also, if they chose, hire themselves out for additional wages during the remaining quarter of the week. With this money, an ex-slave could then buy his freedom. ” Jamaica Gleaner

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Africa Unite Youth Symposium

Africa Unite Youth Symposium

New to next year’s programme is a Public Speaking Competition which will allow the Rita Marley Foundation (JA) to choose and award a student for his or her skills in public speaking. Six (6) schools will compete. One student will emerge as the top speaker and winner of the Rita Marley Foundation (JA) Trophy for Excellence in Public Speaking

School Representatives

  • xaundre
    Glenmuir High School
    Xaundre Mohansingh
  • nJari
    William Knibb Memorial High
    N’Jari Chambers
  • audrene
    Denham Town High School
    Audrene Edwards
  • takeen
    Haile Selassie High School
    Takeen Evens
  • mickella
    Wolmers Girls High School
    Mickella Anderson
  • lambert
    York Castle High (St.Ann)
    Lambert Hamilton

The topic for the first round of the Public Speaking Competition: “A People Detached from Its Motherland Can Prosper.” Speeches will take the typical pros and cons styling. Some students will deliver speeches in favour of that topic; while others will speak in opposition to that topic.

Immediately following the first round of competition, three (3) students will be selected to move on to the Finals. It will be held on the same date and at the same venue. Finalists will be issued an impromptu topic and given 30 minutes to prepare a speech to be delivered before the judges and the audience.

At the end of the Finals our esteemed panel of judges will choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners respectively and the Rita Marley Foundation (JA) will award prizes to each.

The Rita Marley Foundation (JA) extends HUGE THANKS to the sponsors:

  • Tradewinds Citrus (Tru-Juice)
  • WATA
  • Tastee Jamaica
  • Pepsi Cola Jamaica Ltd
  • Spanish Court Hotel

Our Foundation invites the youth to attend this momentous event. Harambe!