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Rita Marley Foundation(JA) Songwriting Competition

High Schoolers in Jamaica are invited
to participate in the inaugural event!

The Song Should Be Focused on
‘Strong Black Women & Their Role in History.’

Teachers should submit song(s) no later than June 1, 2019; with student(s) bio and head shot.

Email to:


  • 1st place $50,000, plus other splendid prizes
  • 2nd place $25,000, plus other splendid prizes
  • 3rd place $15,000, plus other splendid prizes

Judging Criteria

Song Structure and Composition(20 Points)

  • The song has a clear theme or cohesive idea
  • The song has clearly identifiable sections, verse, chorus, etc.

Lyrics(20 Points)

  • The song is written in English or Patois
  • The lyrics evoke an emotional response from the listener
  • Lyrics are syntactically and grammatically correct, while allowing for colloquial expressions and artistic language use.
  • The lyrics are singable and memorable
  • The lyrics have an identifiable rhyme scheme or pattern

Originality and Content(60 Points)

  • The song expresses the theme in a new or fresh way
  • The song is memorable
  • The song has commercial potential
  • The song must have a title
  • The song focused on strong black women and their role in history

Harambe March-June 2019

Highly Successful 5th Annual Rita Marley Foundation (JA) Public Speaking Competition

In This Issue

  • Highly Successful 5th Annual Rita Marley Foundation(JA) Public Speaking Competition
  • Centre for Reparation Research & The National Council on Reparation
  • Paul-Davey Ashley
  • Mr. Tyrone Gunnie
  • Beverley Lashley
  • Seens from The Magnificent Event
  • Caring for Our Elders to Preserve Our Future
  • Immeasurable Thanks
  • I-THREE Recipients of Iconic Group Award at the 2019 Jamaica Reggae Industry Association Honour Awards.

Please Download your copy!

4th Annual Speaking Competition

You are Officially invited to the 4th Annual Rita Marley Foundation(JA) Public Speaking Competition

In Celebration of works of Dr. Alfarita Constantia Marley OD/LITT (Rita Marley)
& Hon. Robert Nesta Marley OM(Bob Marley)

Topic: Share with us your  opinion on the cause of and remedy for the 
severe weather catastrophes affecting various countries throughout the world.

Learn more: VIDEO: Students ready for Rita Marley Public Speaking Competition

In the Press:
Entertainers Lend Support To Rita Marley Public Speaking Competition

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Organic Farming

From Loop Jamaica:

The Rita Marley Foundation (JA) conducted an intense Organic Farming Training Programme for high school and kindergarten students recently.

Rosemary Duncan, manager at the Rita Marley Foundation(JA), said the Foundation embarked on the programme to help youths value the importance of organic agriculture and its tremendous benefits to humankind.

The organization brought US-based agricultural consultant, Steven Herbert, to train 105 students at the Bustamante High School in Clarendon. Theoretical and practical sessions were convened three times daily, with 35 students per class.

“Participants were taught the characteristics and practices of organic farming. As opposed to conventional farming which relies heavily on chemicals for fertilization, pest and weed control, organic farming works in unison with nature,” a press release by the Foundation said. “Chemical treatments are replaced with natural methods. Emphasis is on building soil, boosting its organic content and thus encouraging proliferation of soil biology.”

Please read more at Loop Jamaica