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Harambe for the Holidays: Vibrant Holiday Cooking with Rita Marley

Harambe for the Holidays: Vibrant Holiday Cooking with Rita MarleyRita Marley is in the kitchen sharing some of her favorite Marley recipes that are perfect for any celebration. Liven up your holiday gatherings with these soulful meals, simple snacks, festive drinks and vibrant desserts. Some of the recipes in Harambe for the Holidays use the Herb for the Healing of the Nation.

Harambe for the Holidays: Vibrant Holiday Cooking with Rita Marley
There’s a step-by-step guide for creating “Green Oil” that you can use in the specially marked recipes in this book. You can also use Green Oil in your favorite holiday recipes! From homemade hot cocoas and sorrel drinks to coconut cut cake and gingerbread truffles to a full ethiopian holiday feast, Harambe for the Holidays is filled with inspiration to create delightful and healthy meals and treats for all of your holiday parties and gatherings.

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Rita Marley Honorary Ghanaian

Special to the NNPA from the Global Information Network

(GIN) – Rita Marley, wife of reggae artist Bob Marley and founder of the Rita Marley Foundation, has received a Ghanaian passport in recognition of her contributions to Ghana.

Dr. Erieka Bennett, head of mission for the African Union’s Diaspora Africa Forum, said: “We are thrilled to see the Ghana Government recognizing the tremendous contribution Nana Rita has made to Ghana socially, as well as economically. This is a historical day for those of us from the diaspora.”

Nana Rita Marley, born in Cuba and raised in Trenchtown, Jamaica, began her musical career in the early sixties as a vocalist with the all-female group The Soulettes who appeared with the Four Tops, Johnny Nash and other stars of the day.

She repatriated to Ghana over a decade ago and lives at Konkonuru, a village near Aburi. Among her projects, as detailed on the website “It’s About Time,” has been the adoption of the Methodist Local Primary and J.S.S, both schools in her community. Apart from rehabilitating old school blocks and building new ones, she also supports the children by providing lunches for primary school children to supplement their nutrition, and through scholarships.

Mrs. Marley supported the funding and distribution of the five-in-one vaccine for children of the eastern region. Other projects include improving the main road for the Konkonuru community, and bringing water to the village by drilling a 40 meter deep borehole.

In 2004, Rita Marley and the women in her community began a plantation of cassava and other vegetables. Mrs. Marley has also opened a library stocked with the musical works of Bob Marley and herself at her Tuff Gong Studio at Aburi on the Akwapem ridge.

On her official website she notes, “Reggae is the heartbeat of a person. It’s the people’s music. Everywhere you go, you get the same response from both black and white.”

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Rita Marley Granted Dual Citizenship

Rita Marley, wife of late Reggae superstar Bob Marley has been granted a dual citizenship by government in connection with the Pan-African Festival (PANAFEST) Foundation.

Her dual nationality as a Ghanaian and Jamaican is the first of its kind to be granted to a diasporan after several years of struggle.

Rita Marley has since been handed a Ghanaian passport and dual citizenship documents to guarantee her legal stay in the country.

The Chairman of PANAFEST foundation, Mr Kohain Nathanyeh Halevi Rabbi, who disclosed this to The Independent, expressed happiness and called on government to grant more dual citizenship to diasporans who were ready to create more jobs in the country.

According to him, his outfit has fought years to secure dual citizenship documents for diasporans yet, all effort proved futile.

“Many diasporans have struggled to secure dual citizenship but they have not been successful. I believe granting one to our mother Rita Marley is in the right direction but we need more for our people”, he said.

“Since Ghana is a peaceful country with respect for its values and traditions have attracted more investors to established businesses here, therefore granting them nationality would support the nation’s development” he added.

Speaking on this year’s PANAFEST celebrations, Mr Rabbi noted that this was the worst year since their patronage had gone down. He stated that the foundation received fewer resources to undertake its numerous activities.

The PANAFEST Chairman therefore called on government, stakeholders and benevolent organisations to come to their aid to revamp the festival to its old taste.