Immeasurable thanks!

Immeasurable thanks for a magnificent public speaking competition

5th Annual Public Speaking Competition

Top orators will compete soon!

New Issue of Harambe!

Public Speaking Competition, Ananse Babies Storytelling Festival, Educating Children about the Environment Gifts, Successes, Good Works and Gratitude!

Harambe July-November 2018

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Winners of the Fifth Annual Essay Competition

Congratulations to David Salmon of Wolmer’s Boys’ High School, Ruwenzori Ra of Ardenne High School and Adjaynae Billings of Ardenne High School!

About the Foundation

The Founder of the Rita Marley Foundation is Mrs Rita Marley OD. She now resides in Ghana and was several years ago enstooled as Nana Afua Adobea 1(Queen of Development) in the South-eastern Akwapim Region of Ghana.

The Rita Marley Foundation is supported by funds from donors and collaborators. Our Foundation will work towards the alleviation of poverty for peoples of developing and less developed countries.

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