Congratulations to Mrs. Rita Marley

Congratulations to Mrs. Marley

Mrs. Rita Marley inducted in the Caribbean Hall of Fame 2014!

Harambe Newsletter November – February

Harambe Newsletter

The latest issue of Harambe! Articles include: Water For Humanity & The Rita Marley Foundation Build Boreholes for Konkonuru, Ghana and Mrs. Rita Marley is Caribbean Hall of Fame Inductee. Please read on for more!

Water for Humanity

Water for Humanity and the Rita Marley Foundation

Water For Humanity & The Rita Marley Foundation
Build Boreholes for Konkonuru, Ghana
The Rita Marley Foundation is fulfilling its mission to promote education, good health and welfare among the youth and socially & economically disadvantaged communities through educational and empowerment projects.

Penpal Program


Rita Marley Foundation launched a Penpal Letter Exchange Program between students of Lannamans Prep School in Jamaica and Konkonuru Methodist School in Ghana.

Essay Awards Ceremony Video

Essay Awards Video

On July 2, the sun shone in stunning splendor. One Love CafeĢ at the Bob Marley Museum was clothed in vibrant colours of red, yellow, green and black.

Reading Skills Program

Reading Skills Program

The Rita Marley Foundation (JA) continues its Reading Skills Program with Basic Schools in Jamaica.

Alpha & Omega Home

Alpha & Omega Home

Guests (seniors) at the Rita Marley Foundation Alpha & Omega Home for the Aged in Konkonuru, Ghana making beaded bracelets.

Rohan Stirs It Up

Rohan Marley Marley Coffee

Rohan Marley recently spoke at the Market America International Convention to share the roots and future growth of Marley Coffee.


Poet Fikre Manassai

During the Arica Unite Youth Symposium earlier this year, Poet Fikre Manassai captivated the audience with poem “Greatest”.

The Standpipe Event in the Jamaica Gleaner

Standpipe Event in the Gleaner

The newspaper’s headline reads: “Rita Sets Foundation In Standpipe – Children’s Treat To Be Expanded In 2015″