Reading Skills Program

Reading Skills Program

The Rita Marley Foundation (JA) continues its Reading Skills Program with Basic Schools in Jamaica.

Alpha & Omega Home

Alpha & Omega Home

Guests (seniors) at the Rita Marley Foundation Alpha & Omega Home for the Aged in Konkonuru, Ghana making beaded bracelets.

Rohan Marley Marley Coffee

Rohan Stirs It Up

Rohan Marley recently spoke at the Market America International Convention to share the roots and future growth of Marley Coffee.

Poet Fikre Manassai


During the Arica Unite Youth Symposium earlier this year, Poet Fikre Manassai captivated the audience with poem “Greatest”.

About the Foundation

The Founder of the Rita Marley Foundation is Mrs Rita Marley OD. She now resides in Ghana and was several years ago enstooled as Nana Afua Adobea 1(Queen of Development) in the South-eastern Akwapim Region of Ghana.

The Rita Marley Foundation is supported by funds from donors and collaborators. Our Foundation will work towards the alleviation of poverty for peoples of developing and less developed countries. Its long term function will be to eradicate poverty and hunger in specific selected communities using as its tools: empowerment of those communities through the creation of economic investments, improvement of educational opportunities and the development of knowledge and proper practice in nutrition and health care.


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